what tom thinks

Since 1982, we have worked hard to gain and maintain the great reputation that we proudly carry to work with us every morning. CPI consistently provides our customers with unbeatable quality, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Yes, this is one of those annoying notes on websites bragging about how great we are and how long we’ve been around. Yes, we’re good and have been doing this for several decades. We keep doing it because we like doing it, and we particularly like forming long lasting relationships with folks. We also like doing what online places can’t. We’re better, we’re quicker, and we offer more than they can. We just don’t have TV ads to promote ourselves. We just plug away every day here on the Northwest side of Indy doing what we do best…screen printing, embroidering, art working, and selling gadgets and trinkets…and just taking care of biz. We’d love to do some for you too, so give us a try.

–Tom (our president and fearless leader)

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